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IMO is the Japanese word for "tuber". When you remove a tuber from the ground, its shape, texture, color and flavor are a surprise for you. It is a kind of surprise to be enjoyed with all your senses.
We feel the same with IMO's creations!

A contemporary fusion of organic shapes, bright colors and playful characters that form an ever growing universe.

IMO products are handmade with craftsmanship dedication. Each piece is constructed with very close attention to detail. IMO is made with passion.
We hope you fall in love and adopt an IMO item!



IMO世界展 (2014)

Date: March 1~9
Time: 17:00~
Place: Space Eauuu





Date: January 18, Saturday
Time: 16:00~
Place: Guggenheim House




点点 (2013)


Stage design





Stand exhibition





IMO One Year Anniversary

Time has flew by and we are happy to announce that 
We will be celebrating our first year Anniversary of IMO! 
On October 6, Sunday at 17:00 at Guggenheim House in Kobe. 

We are very thankful to all of you who have been part of our dream☆
We are planning an evening of totem surprises, cool Djs, psychedelic motion graphics and delicious juices and pizza.

Date: October 6, Sunday
Time: 17:00~
Place: Guggenheim House

We are looking forward to celebrating our
First year anniversary!!

Thanks for your inconditional support,


TERRA stage design (2012)

We were commissioned by TERRA, a japanese music band, to make creatures  for their stage. The inspiration of this project was the ocean. We made light jellyfishes, Debonkis (a mix of ancestral animal and eel) and coral ornaments for the pianos. Sea ​​creatures were floating in a projected ocean.

OORUTAICHI carnival plant costume and photo shoot (2010)


The carnival plant costume was created for the musician Oorutaichi, and was included as part of the art of his latest album:「Futurelina/燃えるひみつ feat キセル」.

Gokuraku stage design (2013)

We were commissioned by Tanimoto Daisuke to create a Gokuraku stage. The inspiration of this project was the meaning of "Gokuraku" extremely comfortable. We made cardboard palm trees, clouds and grass.

IMO Shop

Find in IMO shop the cutest creatures ever seen!. Softy ligthy sound objects, note books, postal cards, eco  bags, pins and more...

Make your order by email at


TERRA photo shoot (2012)

The photo shoot of TERRA band were 

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