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The creative process of my designs has its origins in a package that is part of the daily routine.  Each package has its own attractiveness because of its morphology and tipology.  That is the origin of my inspiration in the making of new creatures.  Taking that package out from its first context, and made of it a creature that you could bring back to your home is the creative process that I applied in my creations. 

Maybe reusing one, two, or even twenty packages may not be a large scale recycling, but having them back in your home as completely new objects, that are useful and friendly creatures, makes you think about the reuse of materials, and contributes to the awareness about the garbage that we produce and the effect on the environment.


Carp fish lantern

This character is a special carp fish lantern. Once, it was a plain yogurt package, an object that was discarded.  Nonetheless, I had decided to use it as the main material for this creation, mixing the promotion of awareness about environment with a traditional symbol of the Japanese culture: the carp fish. This is an icon of the culture of Japan that represents the vigor and vitality of the boys.  Therefore during the preparations for the Boys’ Day festivity, yearly celebrated on May 5th, the carp fish is the most important symbol to commemorate boys. This product represents an effort to preserve and provide continuity to such important tradition of the Japanese population.  The fish includes lights that shine with different colors, which illuminates the fish mouth. This unique lantern keep alive the tradition, and additionally, you can handle it to play with its lights in the dark while you draw graceful figures that you can keep in photographs.

SIZE: 12x10x24cm.
MATERIAL: Plastic yogurt package, fabric.
MECHANISM: LED variations of 3 units, 2 batteries, 1 switch.
QUANTITY: first batch of 7, second batch of 40 and third batch of 60 units.

Parts detail 部品リスト

1. Suich ON/OFF スイッチオン/オッフ
2. Carp fish body: fabric and wata 鯉のボディー:生地と綿
3. Koiwai yogurt package 小岩井牛乳100%ヨーグルト容器
4. 3A rechargeable batteries 3 units くり返し使える電池 単4形 3個
5. Koiwai yogurt tip package 小岩井牛乳100%ヨーグルト容器の蓋
6. Hair fabric 髪生地
7. Strap to pull and open プルストラップ
8. LED 7 colors 4.5V LED7色4.5V

Handy light dinosaur


Hikari Saurus is a handy light dinosaur created with a regular laundry detergent bottle that I had used for its head, it also includes plastic caps of laundry detergent bottles to construct the eyes and a selection of fabrics to build its body.
Thus, the dinosaur character entails memories from the original components, however generates a totally new meaning and style once the light turns on.  In spite of being created from reused materials, it does not seem a recyclable product, but instead it becomes in a new toy.
Hold Hikari Saurus hand in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, or just to avoid tripping in the nitghtime.  If you are afraid of the dark, just turn on your Hikari Saurus and then enjoy of your comfortable and safe room. Hikari Saurus will be your friendly light in the dark.

SIZE: 27x27x37cm.
MATERIAL: Laundry detergent bottle, fabrics, plastic caps of laundry detergent.
MECHANISM: LED variations of 6 units, 2 batteries, 1 switch.

Parts detail 部品リスト
1. Head: Laundry detergent bottle 頭:アタックスタイルフィット服の洗剤の容器
2. Eyes: Plates detergent tips 目:CHARMY泡のチカラ食器の洗剤の蓋
3. Pupil: Pin 瞳:ピン
4. Suich ON/OFF スイッチオン/オッフ
5. LED 4.5V
6. Gachapon ガチャポン
7. Pencil 鉛筆
8. Detergent converter 服の洗剤の余水路
9. 3A rechargeable batteries 3 units くり返し使える電池 単4形 3個
10. Detergent tip 服の洗剤の蓋
11. VITTEL Mineral water bottle ビッテールミネラルワーターの瓶
12. Dinosaur body: dinosaur pattern stuffed with polyester fiberfill  恐竜のボディー:生地と綿

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